Digestive distress- NOT!!!

Hopefully you’re not one of millions of people who suffer digestive discomfort of one sort or another.  But if you experience uncomfortable symptoms after eating (and sometimes without eating) that’s not acceptable in my book!

Eating healthy food should be pleasurable and not come with consequences like belching, bloating, queasiness, gas, reflucks, or even diarrhip!  You heard right- those things are not ok in my book, or in my stomach either!

According to Dr. Jay Vanden Huevel, Doctor of Integrative Med, and other titles, not only are we what we eat, what we absorb, but “We are what our microbes eat.”

He also reiterates what we’ve been learning- that it’s NOT an excess of HCl acid that causes heartburn, but a LACK of hydrochloric acid!  “Lack of HCL= protein malnourishment” states Dr. Jay in his latest class “Enzymes for a Healthy Microbiome.”  He further describes that the biofilms develops their own environment around themselves for their survival.  For example, plaque on teeth, and biofilms exist throughout the digestive system .  One reason antibiotics on occasion don’t work is because they cannot penetrate this biofilm

That’s where enzymes come in- they can break down the barrier, and allow for cellular detoxification.

To learn more about this fascinating topic, you can view Dr. Jay’s webinar Wed. Jan 17 at 7pm and also 9pm.  Log on to http://www.nspwebinars.com and scroll down just a tad!  And meanwhile, take it easy on those tumbs- they inhibit protein absorption!


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