Three Reasons for Stomach Acid

Dr. Matthew Hollist stresses THREE important functions of stomach acid:

  1.  Breaks protein bonds (in food)
  2. Breaks mineral bonds (in food)
  3. Kills pathogens (harmful bacteria)

What does this tell us?  That nutrients in food will NOT be available nor assimilated if stomach acid is not present! Think important minerals like calcium- science is now telling us that use of acid blocking medications raise the risk of osteoporosis.  hmmmmm…….

The stomach acid is also a first line of defense against invaders- bacteria, parasites and even viruses.

So what do you do about “acid reflux” or other discomforts?  Support your digestion with digestive enzymes, along with eating properly, chewing each bite 30 times, and NOT harming your stomach with carbonated beverages, alcohol or excess coffee.

ProActazyme can be very helpful:

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