What is Dysbiosis and why does it matter?

Gut Dysbiosis (or disbacteriosis) is imbalance of bacteria in the gut.  The gut can actually contain 4-6 pounds of bacteria which is also called the “microbiome.”

Some causes of dysbiosis are alcohol, antibiotics, diet (too much carbs/sugar and lack of live food).    Gut Dysbiosis has been implicated in

  • cardiovascular disease
  • fungal overgrowth (candidiasis)
  • intestinal  bacterial overload (SIBO)
  • IBS/colitis
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X)

Syndrome X  refers to diabetes/high BP, heart disease/high cholesterol.  WebMD explains it quite simply.  According to WebMD, 46 million people, or as many as as one in six Americans are affected!

Why the Gut Microbiome matters:

1. Gut bacteria play crucial roles in digesting food.

2.  Our microbiome also defends against foreign invaders/pathogens.

3.  Gut bacteria help keep our immune system working.

4.  Healthy bacterial balance influences our mood.

Gut bacteria can even influence our gene expression or “epigenetics”.  While it is true that certain diseases tend to run in families, that does not necessarily mean that you’ll have the problem too.   Your family may be predisposed to diabetes, heart disease or arthritis, but the genes have to be turned on for this disease to occur.  Bacteria play a role here, in keeping the genes in check.

If the colony of bacteria is not good, it even affects our brain.- research suggests dysbiosis of gut bacteria can induce depression and anxiety.  It’s not the only cause, but indicators point to gut health as playing a role.  More on that later.

So how would one know if they might be experiencing dysbiosis?  Possible indicators would be intestinal discomfort, bloating, gas, foul smelling stools.

While it is important to track down the cause of the imbalance, Yeast/Fungal Detox can offer immediate help with symptoms and discomfort:  http://www.panhandlesunshine.com/?sn=508

So it goes without saying- anything we can do to affect the gut in a positive way will help anyone feel better!

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