Gut problems post GB Surgery?

You went to the doc for nausea, indigestion, discomfort after eating, and so his best recommendation is to give up a body part, in this case the gallbladder.  After all, we know it doesn’t DO anything, right?

Correct, the gallbladder does not produce anything, but it DOES HAVE A JOB!  And that is to STORE the bile from the liver until it is needed to digest fats that you eat.  This storage is very important, because the liver is continuously forming and dripping bile a drop at a time.  If there’s no gallbladder, the bile is dripped into the small intestine, and can cause irritation.  This is not hard to picture if you’ve ever vomited something green which tasted awful and bitter!  That was bile.  So just imagine this green, bitter, caustic liquid being dripped into your small intestine.  Hmmmm, does that sound like something your insides would want ?

So removing the gallbladder fixes your nausea, discomfort?  Well, not always.  According to naturopathic physician Dr. Rolf Habersang, you’re just trading one problem for another.  This could be quick transit (running to the bathroom after eating), intolerance to fatty foods (we need certain good fats) or continued indigestion, bloating, or gas-  the very problems that sent you to the doc in the first place!

If one has had their GB removed, and experiences pain/inflammation in the area, consider that it might be irritation from the bile drip.  What to do?  For starters, something really soothing like slippery elm can help bring down the inflammation.  Then, and only THEN, could you add a digestive aid with betaine or HCL.

Slippery Elm:

If you’d like to know how I’ve managed my Gb and avoided giving it up, please message me!  GB Formula

Now go enjoy your salmon!


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