Better digestion is essential for health!

Maybe many of us get tired of hearing it, but it’s worth repeating- CHEWING YOUR FOOD THOROUGHLY IS ESSENTIAL FOR GOOD DIGESTION.  We won’t absorb and utilize the nutrients from our food unless it’s well broken down, and that begins in the mouth.  Not only is the mechanical breaking down of the food by our teeth important, this causes saliva to be released from the 6 salivary glands in the neck.

Saliva contains an important enzyme called amylase which begins the breakdown of starches and sugars in our food.  It even begins when you’re driving home from work thinking about food!  Do you remember being a kid in school and the smell of chicken or fresh bread coming from the cafeteria?  Digestion began when we smelled the aroma of those wonderful cafeteria rolls and we began salivating!

It’s also important to de-stress and try to eat in a quiet and calm atmosphere (I know, for some of you that’s impossible).  But at least we could strive to have quiet relaxing meal times, and even put away the devices.  The movement to put away cell phones and tablets at parties and dining out is great in my opinion!  After all, who (whom?) do you know that suffered  something catastrophic from not having their gadget for an hour?

Ok, back to business here-  I personally believe that walking into a fast food place and having our food in less than 5 minutes is one of the reasons we don’t digest that meal.  Our brain and salivary glands did not have time to prepare.  And needless to say, many of us don’t slow down and take time to enjoy the meal, much less chew every bite 30 times.  YES, I SAID 30 TIMES!!!

Try being aware of how you’re chewing and how you’re enjoying your meal.  We could take all the pills, digestive enzymes and remedies there are, but without mechanical breakdown of the food, we’ll never get the nutrients.  And I’ll repeat it, ice cold drinks give NO BENEFIT to the digestion, so avoid that at mealtime, your gut will thank you!

So…….I’m curious………….how many of you make mealtime as relaxed and enjoyable as possible?

And do you try to chew each bite 30 times?  I’d really love to know!  I attended an online seminar today, and the question was asked.  An amazing 85% responded that they DO NOT chew their food that well.  So, how about you?  Please leave your comment below, and try to enjoy your food more if you haven’t been doing so!



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  1. marthasluder says:

    I tried to be more aware of how I was chewing my food today. This is going to take some practice!


  2. marthasluder says:

    I counted how many times I was chewing as I had lunch today. It really didn’t take all that much extra time, and it made me slow down and be more aware of enjoying my meal!


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