Time for a Gut Check?

We could spend all day discussing the ramifications of an inflamed gut, but let’s just jump right in and talk about how to improve it!

I hope you took a couple of minutes to answer the questions in the previous post.  If not, please refer to it and note how many “yes” answers you would give on an occasional or on-going basis.  Ok, go do that right now,  please!

Done?  Good!  That’s important because many times we overlook things or might think it’s normal.  AN UNHAPPY GUT IS NOT NORMAL!!!

Let’s talk about DIGESTION.  After all, if you don’t break down your food, you’re NOT GETTING THE BENEFIT OF IT!  You could be spending tons of money on organic high-quality food and supplements, but if you’re not breaking them down in the digestive tract, you won’t absorb the wonderful nutrients either!

First of all, do what your grandmother always said, “Chew your food really well!”  This creates more saliva (which contains digestive enzymes) and also grinds the food smaller, making it more available to be broken down.

DO NOT drink ice cold beverages with your meal!  This cools the digestive tract, making it even more difficult for many individuals to digest their food.  Enjoying a cup of hot tea will assist your digestive system.

Depending on the level of digestive insufficiency, some people need to supplement with digestive enzymes.  This alone can alleviate symptoms for many people.  A good one to start with would have:

  • betaine HCL and bromelain (for proteins)
  • pepsin (remember Syrup Pepsin? I loved it!)
  • amylase (starches, sugars)
  • bile salts and lipase (fats)
  • pancreatin (all foods)

One of the most amazing things about using digestive enzymes, is that they help immediately!  You don’t have to take them for 2 weeks to “notice” any difference!

If you have any questions about using digestive enzymes, please don’t hesitate to check with me!  With just a little investigation, I could help you choose one that would be right for you.

Take a look at Food Enzymes here:


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